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almost 8 years ago

Fast data’s evolution, bootcamps, & datasets everywhere

 Absorb some Spark wisdom. We’re psyched to have Dean Wampler, Typesafe’s big data architect, office of the CTO, on the Sparkathon judging panel. Typesafe has deep roots in the Spark ecosystem, and has partnered with both Databricks (the creator of Spark) and with IBM on bringing their Spark initiative to life.

Before getting into server-side programming and big data, Dean was a physicist, as well as an early advocate for Scala — he wrote the first and second editions of the O’Reilly Programming Scala.

You can read Dean’s take on the fast data movement here, and listen to him talk about Spark’s evolution on Typesafe’s experts podcast.

Sharpen your Spark skills. Need to beef up your big data expertise? Hone your Hadoop? Our partner NYC Data Science Academy is gearing up for the 2016 winter session of their Data Engineering Bootcamp, starting January 11. Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis now.

Pick a dataset and get going. In case you missed it, we’ve got a tornado of climate data whirling around our resources page. Weather Company, NOAA, and UrtheCast datasets are all ready for the parsing.

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