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What is Spark? 

Apache® Spark™ is an open-source cluster computing framework with in-memory processing to speed analytic applications up to 100 times faster compared to technologies on the market today. Developed in the AMPLab at UC Berkeley, Apache Spark can help reduce data interaction complexity, increase processing speed and enhance mission-critical applications with deep intelligence.

Highly versatile in many environments, Apache Spark is known for its ease of use in creating algorithms that harness insight from complex data. Spark was elevated to a top-level Apache Project in 2014 and continues to expand today.

IBM is committing to the Apache Spark project with investments in design-led innovation and broad-scale education programs to promote open source innovation and accelerate intelligence into every application. 

Ready to learn more about Spark? Check out the free Spark Fundamentals online class from Big Data University and wander past the Spark Technology Center.


What is Analytics for Apache Spark on Bluemix? 

IBM Analytics for Apache Spark is a unified programming model for batch and real-time analytics, multi-language support, etc. Its in-memory data processing engine and integrated libraries (such as machine learning and graph processing) make it possible for developers, business analysts, and data scientists to incorporate intelligence into every application and better support critical-path business decision making.

The service allows any developer, business analyst, or data scientist to explore, experiment, and develop powerful analytics and new applications without the hassle of setup, maintenance and operations, which often holds back innovation. Additionally, the service includes freedom to later bring Spark in-house or move to another provider.

Additional data sources & APIs
  1. Insights for Weather on IBM Bluemix: With your Bluemix trial, you'll also receive free access to real-time and historical climate data from The Weather Company. We've got more details here
  2. National Centers for Environmental Information: Satellite, land-based, and severe weather data from the NCEI, a U.S. government agency.
  3. UrtheCast Earth APIs

UrtheCast’s platform and APIs allow you to programmatically access Earth observation satellite imagery data served as MapTiles.  This data, when combined with big data analytics machine learning algorithms, allows you to measure global, regional, and local soil humidity; snow pack; drought; floods; and the effects of weather over time.

UrtheCast is providing free access to its Earth APIs to Sparkathon registrants for the duration of the hackathon, through March 12, 2016. Participants will have access to the full platform, including the Satellite Tracker API, which lets you plan for your next image acquisition, and the Events API, which will notifiy you when newly acquired imagery of selected area(s) of interest are processed.

To get your free UrtheCast account and gain access to the Earth APIs:

  • Request access at urthecast.com/contact/developers.
  • In the “Please describe what you wish to build with UrtheCast APIs” box, enter the following promo code: UCDP_Sparkathon.
  • Once you receive your invite email you will be able to create an account at developers.urthecast.com. There you will find tutorials and documentation. Additional examples are available on UrtheCast’s Github.

Questions/problems? Please email Grant at platform@urthecast.com.

More Questions?

For questions about the Sparkathon, email support@devpost.com, or post them to the Discussion Board.